Villnoess Vallye

Between Brixen/Bressanone and Klausen/Chiusa, Villnoess/Funes turns to the East. Gufidaun/Gudon and the Summersberg Castle tower over the valley on the summit in front of it. This complex of buildings can be traced back to a rectangular tower built in the year 1270. Other than that, the castle is a good example of what late-medieval courtroom jailhouses looked like – and stirs memories of the trials of the Anabaptists. In Gufidaun/Gudon, one ought to visit the village museum, which exhibits numerous antiquated farm implements. Indeed, this museum is devoted chiefly to relics of the region's popular culture.

The road down in the valley first leads through a deep gorge, and is therefore rather narrow at some spots. Motorists can admire the cliff walls made of porphyry or quartz phyllite as they drive along. Only after reaching St. Peter / San Pietro does the valley open up; it widens, and in the background one can see the white limestone cliffs of the Dolomites: The Aferer Geisler / Odles Deores to the northeast and the Geisler Peaks to the southeast. And there's also the Small and the Large Fermeda, the Mittagsscharte / Forcella di Mezzodi, the Sass Rigais, the Furchetta, or the Kampiller / Campiglio Tower – etc., etc.

The peaceful town folk, the sleepy hamlets and the scattered farmhouses have maintained over the centuries their uniqueness and peace, which make holidays here so relaxing.



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Sass Rigais


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